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Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q  It would appear that the Federation is a group of old pilots.

A While the original pilots that broke away from NZALPA are now certainly older, other younger pilots have joined and are continuing to join. In addition to the members employed by Mt Cook, Eagle Air and Air Nelson, Federation pilots operate across all Air New Zealand jet fleets.

Q  What involvement do you have outside the Industrial arena?

A  The Federation participates in the Rostering and Scheduling committee and the Crew Alertness Study Group and chairs this group.

Q  You don’t achieve anything and just take what NZALPA negotiates.

A The Pilots’ Society and Federation have negotiated many benefits which now are applicable to both groups.  Notable amongst these are incentive pay and the RQ day that is rostered after leave.  The Pilots’ Society was instrumental in bringing in the computer rostering and bidding system.

Q  How come your fees are so low?

A The Federation keeps its fees low through two avenues.  Firstly it has a significant amount of money on deposit which is in place in the event of an emergency.  Some of the interest on this money goes toward running the organization.  Secondly we have low overheads.  While we have the support of an excellent legal team, the Federation does not pay any retainers or set fees to SBM Legal. Only when we do need legal support do we pay for the services of the best legal minds in the country.  Also the Fedreation does not have the overheads associated with employing staff or ownership of commercial buildings.A320 Black

Q  Do you have the same benefits as NZALPA?

A  Our benefits are similiar to NZALPA's but are in a different format to their Mutual Benefit Fund.