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The Air New Zealand Pilots Society was formed in 1990 after a large group of pilots left NZALPA when there was significant disagreement over the introduction of the B747-400.  In 1996, a further group (Air New Zealand Aircrew Group) broke away from NZALPA.  In 1999, the two groups merged and formed the Federation of Air New Zealand Pilots.

The Federation is a registered Union that represents solely Air New Zealand pilots including the pilots of the Link airlines of Mt Cook, Air Nelson and Flight Simulator Instructors.

Through its focus on Air New Zealand, FANZP is able to keep its overheads and fees to a minimum.

These are presently:

  • $70 for those members whose basic salary is up to $80,000
  • $110 for those members whose basic salary is $80,000 up to $150,000
  • $180 for those members whose basic salary is $150,000 and above.
  • Associate members $30.

This salary figure is prior to the payment of incentive pay.  GST is included in these figures.

Also - (For a quick estimate at what can be gained, either through a savings programme or quicker payment of mortgage, when comparing Federation fees to NZALPA fees go to


Some FANZP Contract Achievements

FANZP has a history of strong and innovative contract negotiation resulting in significant benefits for its members. The following are some examples of contract conditions negotiated by FANZP that were subsequently adopted by non-FANZP groups in their later contracts.

Incentive Pay: Incentive pay is a significant component of a pilot’s pay based on achieved flying hours. FANZP negotiated incentive pay six years before it was adopted by non-FANZP pilots. In the years between implementation for FANZP pilots and full company-wide implementation the income of non-FANZP pilots remained substantially lower than that of FANZP pilots.

Z Days: Z days are work days credited to a pilot under certain circumstances. The pilot can elect to take a Z day as a day off or to be paid an extra day’s pay in lieu. Z days were negotiated by FANZP several years before adoption by non-FANZP pilots.

Requalification Days (RQ Days). Requalification days are single days free of rostered duty which are added to periods of leave of 14 days or more. RQ days were negotiated by FANZP three years before inclusion in other pilots’ contracts.

In 2013 FANZP negotiated an increase in the salary of Second Officers and B737 First Officers four and a half times greater than the increase negotiated by non-FANZP pilots.